[pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] How To Fix This Error

Are you working on Microsoft Outlook and consistently facing an error [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] on your system? Stay with us and read the full article to solve your issue within minutes. It’s a warning for you that your Microsoft Outlook is not working correctly when you see [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] this error. This error needs to be solved because it does not allow you to access your document and send even a single more email.


What Is [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] & Why Occur

There may be several reasons behind this error; we are trying to explain all the major reason that causes this error to occur.

One Of the major causes of [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] is the flaw in your installation process. Sometimes when we install Microsoft Outlook or Windows, there are some errors in processing. You can still open your Microsoft Outlook in your system, but you will face [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] error.

You can see [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] if you are using more than one account on the same device on your Microsoft Outlook and if you keep logging in and logging out several accounts in the same application.

If you have installed more than one software or application for email tasking, then your Microsoft Outlook will conflict with other software, and you can see this error.

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How To Fix [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] Error Code?

Some best solutions to fix this error are available below; there are different methods explained below; you can use them and fix this operational failure.

Fix 1 – Logging in with a single account.

If you are using multiple accounts on one Microsoft Outlook, then you may see this error. Log out all your other accounts and log in to a single account. It will surely remove this error code of [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f].

Fix 2 – Clean Your Cache And Cookies

Another fast and simple way to remove this error is to clear all the cache and cookies of your browser. This error will remove when you clear all the cache, history, and cookies from your computer browser.

You will lose all your saved passwords and stored data when you clear cache, history, and cookies from your browser. So we recommend you save all your data before clearing all this information. So follow some simple steps listed below if you want to clear cache and cookies.

  • Open Your Internet Browser.
  • On the right top corner, you can see three vertical dots; click on them.
  • A Drop down list will appear; find More Tools and click on it.
  • Click On “Clear Browsing Data,” Or you can use Crtl + Shift + Delete.
  • There you have to select “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” and click on clear data.
  • A confirmation message will pop up on your screen.
  • Click On ” Clear Data”
  • Open your Microsoft Outlook and see your error has been fixed or not.

Fix 3 – Use Your Troubleshooting Center

To save your system from errors, every system has Troubleshooting Center that helps you anytime. If clearing cache and cookies do not help you solve your issue, you can ask your Troubleshooting Center to find the error, and it will automatically solve these Pii errors. If you want to start the Troubleshooting process, please follow the steps listed below.

  • Click On the “Start” icon from your laptop or computer.
  • Go to The “Settings”
  • In System settings, Go to “Update and Security.”
  • Now Select “Troubleshoot”
  • Guide your system with that error you want to resolve.

Fix 4 – Reinstall Your Microsoft Outlook

If you have applied the above three fix methods and your problem is still there, and looking for a strong solution. Reinstall Microsoft Outlook is the most strong solution to solve [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] error.

When you install Outlook in your system, it may not be installed properly, or the process may be broken. Uninstall this application and then install it again will refresh all the settings. You can log in with a single account, and your error code will fix. You can use Outlook without any error now.

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Fix 5 – Use the Latest Version Of Outlook

This error may appear to you if you are using an old or pirate version of Microsoft Outlook. To fix this issue, you need to upgrade your software to the latest version; you can download the latest version from their official website and install it. When you successfully upgrade your software, this error will fix.

Fix 6 – Upgrade Windows Version

If still, you are facing this issue, another reason will be the old version of your Microsoft Windows. Upgrade to the latest version of Windows to solve this issue. The latest version of Windows will sort out and fix your problem.

Fix 7 – Contact Microsoft Support

If the above six methods are not working on your side, then you can contact Microsoft Support. This is the final method to solve your issue. You can follow some steps for Microsoft Supports.

  • Open Any Internet Browser.
  • Type Microsoft Support.

Read all the instructions and methods to fix this error. Keep in mind this is the last method for it.


If you follow all the steps carefully, we are sure your error will resolve, and you become able to use Microsoft Outlook properly. If you have to install Microsoft Outlook on your Mobile phone, you can also see [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f]. But if you follow the steps, you will be error-free. We suggest you try all the methods within a sequence; if the first one fails, you can try the second one.

We hope using these methods helps you, and if you like this article, then share this article with your friends. It will help us to know your problem, and we will write the solution to your problems.

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