How To Use Green Screen In Lightworks | Guide

Lightworks is the software to edit and mastering digital video. If you don’t know how to use green screen in Lightworks, this article is undoubtedly written for you. There are different and videos available on the internet. Still, somehow they didn’t provide the complete information, or the method was for the old version, so this website will help you how to use green screen in Lightworks.

How To Use Green Screen In LightWorks

About Lightworks software

Lightworks is an award-winning software in 2017 and in development since 1989 which is an NLS (non-linear editing system) to edit the video with a wonderful list of features. It has millions of users worldwide due to its availability on three platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. In 2010 a manager of one of the products of Lightworks said the working of an open-source system, but still, no source code has been introduced yet. They said they are still hoping for the development of the open-source system.

For the previous 25, Lightworks is directly involve in the film editing industry. It provides many beautiful projects such as “the wolf of wall street” and many more. It has the same features similar to the Adobe Premiere, Avid, or Final cut with the latest list of possible effects to make your work easier. If you want to make a video for social media or in 4k, this software is best for you.

List of all the available special effects, filters, and layers are just one or two clicks away from you.

Ways of How to use green screen in Lightworks

If you want to create a green screen effect in the Lightworks, then the chroma key will do everything for us. Chroma keying is the best way to shoot the videos on the blue or green screen. Making the video’s background transparent or imposing it on an image or another video.

There are several software allowing you for chroma key, but the Lightworks is the best among all.

Steps For How To Create a Green Screen Effect in Lightworks

Below are some steps that you can see to create green screen effect in lightworks

Record your video

You need a blue or green background to record your video, whatever will be the video resolution, but make sure that you are wearing something different from the screen color you are using.

Import And Trim

If you plan to use these videos for free, you should go with Lightworks that you can download for free; by clicking here, you can download Lightworks. If you plan to use this software for more than one month, you have to create an account but don’t worry; it is still free.

  1. Click On Create a New Project, and you can give a name to this project according to your need.
  2. Pick the best frame rate that may be related to your original video. If you want to check, click the right mouse button on the video and choose the details button.
  3. Now click the edit button, and you can drag the video from the project content section drag it on the V1 track.
  4. If you have unwanted footage at the end or beginnings, you can trim those clips out.
  5. You can see the preview window by right click. Select the tracks, and then you can add a video. Now you can add your real video clips into the V1 track section and then still from V2.
  6. On the V2 track, click on the right end of the footage and keep extending it until it becomes the same in length as your V1.

Use Green Screen

By choosing VFX Portion, select your V1 track along the timeline and then click on the plus button.

  • Find drop-down menu, then select the keyword key and then choose the green screen.
  • Select Add effect; it will add an entirely new portion of the color correction settings.
  • You can eyedrop your green screen into the background you want to remove.
  • Slide up or slide down Luminance and Saturation slides to ensure that it fits the setting according to your green or blue screen.
  • Remove spill option will help you add purplish color to remove greenish color tones in the areas.

Edit And Tweak To Perfection

You can also use the other available tools in the Lightworks, such as color correction, or crop a selective portion of video from all over the video.

  • When you do all the thing, return to the edit bar, right-click along with the previous window.
  • There are two available options when you choose to export. If you want to select the free Lightwork YouTube & Video option, you can now download an MP4 format.

Now I am sure that you have understood how to use the green screen in Lightworks, we have given you an unlimited and best guide. So keep visit us for more solutions to your technology problems.

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