How To Transfer Ownership On Discord To Another User

If your Discord server is going to be big, then there is a need to transfer it and how to transfer ownership on Discord is the first question that arises in mind.

How To Transfer Ownership On Discord

Some Details About Discord Server

Discord is a free app containing millions of people to communicate with their friends, family, or teammates via voice, video, or text. People used this app to communicate with others daily, and communities of any size can use this app, but mostly small and active groups use this app to talk regularly.

Most servers are private in Discord; people have to invite their friends and family members to join their space to talk and spend time together. Some servers of large communities are topic-based, and people of common interest join this server.

Although Discord is an excellent platform to keep in touch with friends, it is most probable that the server becomes slow, and people face issues when there are many people in the voice channel. Due to this reason, it is always highly recommended to kick out the inactive members from the server. For this, you must possess the Discord server or transfer its ownership to someone else.

So, Here we will tell you step by step to shift or transfer ownership of your discord server.

How To Transfer Ownership On Discord

Suppose the server owner has not been active for some time. In that case, the server’s secondary controller can submit a request to the Discord team and get ownership of the server automatically. She or he can get ownership by mailing some important details to “[email protected],” and then the Discord team will change the server’s admins.

There is another way to this problem, Go to the Help and Support, then Open Server Ownership Transfer Request, and then leave some necessary details.

Steps For Transfer Ownership On Discord

  • To transfer your server, you need to go to your server. Press on the circular icon to go to your server.
  • On the top left, press the server settings. Now you are in your server’s settings, and you can modify them according to your wish.
  • Under the User Management, press the tab of Members.
  • In the member’s block, you have the names of all your members. It would help if you found the name of the member you want to wish server’s ownership and click on three dots on their name’s right side.
  • Next, you will click on the big red labels to Transfer Ownership.
  • Now, you will verify the transfer ownership after reading the warning carefully.

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