How To Get Better At Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a mobile game with millions of users worldwide; looking for how to get better at clash royale, this article is specially written for you, so what are you waiting for? You need to read the full article and become the game’s champion and win every battle in the game. This article will give you some tips and tricks about clash royale that helps you win every game.

How To Get Better At Clash Royale

About Clash Royale Game

If you are a new player of this game, you must know the exciting things about this game, which help you become a game champion. Clash Royale is a mobile game with 30,384,362 downloads from all over the world, and it falls under the category of Strategy and developed by the supercell.

Heros of the game known as Cards, and every win give you a chest; whenever you open the chest, you get coins, gems, and cards. Cards will help you increase your King level; the higher the king level higher the towers’ power.

There are two modes of the game first one is the single-player mode, and the other is a multiplayer mode where you can play the game with your game friends, and the game will randomly choose your other fellow player.

You have to choose the different Strategies to destroy your opponent’s towers and give a strong defense to your tower, which is the gameplay of this game, making it unique and more interesting for its users. It is a free-to-download game; you can play it for free, but some game items can be purchased with real money.

Tips For How To Get Better At Clash Royale

If you want to win every game, you need to build some super strategies or know your cards’ right use. Don’t worry if you don’t know about these things; it will help you know about these strategies and your cards’ right use.

Tip 1: Choose The Batter Deck

The first reason for your failure, you might be trying, is that your deck is not well balanced. If you are still losing games with the same card repeatedly, you might have to change your deck in the next game. For example, if your deck has Skeleton Army, Witch, and Musketeer, you might want to have a card that counters Valkyrie.

Tip 2: See Games Of Professionals

Even if you don’t have the same cards as them, you can still learn. For example, if you use cannon, watch someone who uses the 2.6 Hog Cycle deck and watch how they place their cannon. It’s called the 4–3 plant, making troops travel the longest distance to kill it. There are a lot of other neat tips and tricks you can learn from watching the professionals.

Tip 3: Level up the right cards

If you have a card that is at a low level, then it is tough to win from your opponents. For example, if your opponent keeps killing your Musketeer with Fireball, then that means you should upgrade your musketeer. Also, if you don’t use a particular card, then don’t level it up! Bomb Tower is rarely used in higher arenas, so you probably won’t want to level it up. Besides, it’s a waste of coins.

Tip 4: Don’t waste your elixir

You should never sit at ten elixirs. Place a troop in the back, like archers of the musketeer. Put down a building in the middle. Even arrowing their tower is better than not doing anything.

Tip 5: Don’t play a game you know you can’t win

If you have a terrible internet connection or you are going to get interrupt, don’t play! It just makes you lose trophies. Wait until you know you can finish a game before starting one.

Here is some tip for how to get better at clash royale that will surely help you become a champ of this game & win every battle.

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