How To Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error 2021

If you own the best gaming pc, you must be aware of Discord, which is the best application for text and voice communication for gamers worldwide. Almost every version is available in the market, such as Android, Mac, Ios, and PC; you can download any according to your device. Sometimes, Discord shows you an error called “Discord Awaiting Endpoint,” and you get stuck there, not allowing you to join the server.

Discord Awaiting Endpoint

This error is pretty common faced by users now but fixing this error is not much complicated as you think; just read the full article, and you will find the solution to this error.

What Is Discord

What exactly is Discord is more important to find out all the solution related to this app. So, I am going to explain what is Discord and why gamers need it.

Discord is a special platform developed for gamers to increase their gaming experience by giving them an environment where they feel like they are playing on the same computer while sitting at their own homes.

Gamers connect by using audio messaging, voice calling, video calling, and text messaging. Not just confined to it, but you can also make your channel where gamers worldwide come and comment on your game.

This makes it a more preferred platform for all gamers who want to use the live stream option while playing games. You can also ask them different questions when they visit your visit.

What is Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error:

It will be easier to understand about awaiting endpoint error in Discord when you have read what Discord is. Users of Discord frequently report this issue. Now understand what exactly this issue is?

When we open the Discord application, it starts processing to connect to the Discord server; after successfully connecting to the server, you can enjoy your gaming. But sometimes, the application will not allow us to connect with the server; it now shows us an error like “Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error.” Check Discord Server Status from here.

The error does not happen every time, and it is not permanent. But most users have reported this issue; peoples find it very difficult as they do not know the exact way to solve this issue, although it is not so much difficult.

Some Common Errors with Discord Awaiting Endpoint

Below are some common errors that users had to face; read them before explaining the steps to solve this issue.

  1. Discord Awaiting Endpoint private call
  2. Discord Server down
  3. Discord Stuck on Connecting
  4. Discord RTC Connecting

How To Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error?

This is the main section of this article which is how to fix awaiting endpoint error in Discord. As I have already explained, this is the self-solving issue by Discord when the servers are back up, and you can’t do anything. The very first thing you have to do is wait.

But for any reason you want to fix it as soon as possible, here are some important tips for you to resolve the Discord Awaiting Endpoint error.

We are Going share four different fix method with you that helps you. So we are hoping your issue will resolve with the first method, or you can try another method.

Method 1 – Temporary Change Your Server Region

The server you are trying to connect may be down; that may be the reason for this error; if it is down, you can connect with another server by changing the server’s region. You will connect to that server which is up and running well.

To change your server region temporarily, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

First, Open The Discord Application
Open the setting menu; there are many other settings
Find the Server Setting and click on overview.
Change the location of your server from here.

Discord Awaiting Endpoint

Now you have to check that your issue is resolved or still you are facing this issue.

Method 2 – Check Your Wi-Fi

Another reason for Awaiting Endpoint error on Discord may happen due to an issue with your Wi-Fi connectivity. To solve this issue, you need to reconfigure your Wi-Fi settings.

To check that your Wi-Fi is working well, go to any other website on the Internet or try to connect to any other server by using your computer browser.

If you cannot connect with any other server, you are sure you have an issue with your Wi-Fi; try to reboot the modem, and your router will solve the issue.

If you are still facing this issue, try to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask them to solve your issue.

Method 3 – Reinstall Discord Application.

If you are still unable to solve your issue by using the methods mentioned earlier and still facing Discord Awaiting Endpoint error, uninstall your Discord Application and reinstall it.

When you reinstall, then any corrupted file will replace, and your issue will resolve.

You can follow some steps to Uninstall Discord Application.

  • Click On Start Menu
  • Go to the Settings
  • Find Apps
  • Go to Apps & features
  • Scroll down, find and click Discord
  • Click on Uninstall button to uninstall Discord

Now go to the official website of Discord, download the Discord and install the latest version. Now check that your issue is now resolved or not.

Method 4 – Using Any VPN (Virtual Private Server)

This is the final method of solving the Discord Awaiting Endpoint error; basically, VPN will help you change your server, and when your server will change, your issue will resolve.

Many VPN softwares are available in the market; some are free, and many are paid. I will recommend using any free VPN, but if you can afford a paid one, go for it.

  • Open your Discord Server and check if you are getting error.
  • Download any VPN from the Internet or if you have any installed VPN on your computer, then open it.
  • Connect to the fastest server in the VPN.
  • Launch Discord Application, and your error will disappear.

You can use any method to solve your Discord Awaiting Endpoint error because we have now given you the four available methods to solve this error.

Final Words

Now it’s time to apply the method for “How To Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error 2021”. If you like this article, please share it with your friends; it will help us stay motivated and bring more content. If you still have any questions in your mind, then you can ask in the comment section; we will try to solve your issue, Thanks for reading.

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