How To Cancel OnStar Service Full Guide

Looking for how to cancel OnStar services then read the full article. OnStar is a vehicle’s safety and convenience service that can be availed by subscription. The working mechanism of OnStar use cellular technology to connect with the provided vehicles, and this service is available at different purchasing level which depends on the services needed. A consumer cannot avail of OnStar services without purchasing the subscription; even for the equipped vehicles, you have to buy it.

How To Cancel OnStar

How To Cancel OnStar

OnStar facilitates several services and convenience features depending on the desired subscription level; the services are anti-theft services, maintenance, diagnostic features, door unlocking, collision notifier, turn-by-turn navigation, roadside assistance, remote access, and vehicle tracking. So, Users can get access to a few or all the provided services and features depending on the subscription level.

Following Account Details are needed to get started cancellation of OnStar Service

The first question of users is What information do I need to cancel OnStar? Then, we have listed down all the information you need to cancel OnStar. You can also check how to cancel Chegg Subscription If you are unable to cancel still now.

  • Account holder’s full name
  • Account holder’s full address
  • Account’s holder’s phone number
  • Account holder’s Email Address
  • Account Holder’s Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • In case you don’t remember the Pin; you must have further information like
  • Vehicle’s make and model
  • Dealer’s name where you purchased your vehicle
  • Subscription level

Step by Step Process Of How To Cancel OnStar

Before we mention step by step procedure of canceling your OnStar service, there is one important thing you need to remember; you cannot cancel your OnStar Service on the internet or email. Instead, you have to call on the toll-free phone number or press the blue button to talk with a representative to start your canceling procedure.

How To Cancel OnStar

To start the cancellation procedure, you will press the blue button installed in the equipped vehicle or call the company’s customer service number 1-888-466-7827 and act according to the instructions. Now you have an OnStar cancellation phone number which you can use for your cancelation process.

If you call from your phone, please press the phone’s keypad button that corresponds to the cancellation process.

When you start talking with the company’s representative, request them for the cancellation of your service. For your cancellation to begin, the representative will ask you several questions for verification purposes. After confirmation of your authority, your OnStar service will be canceled for the desired vehicle.

So we are now hoping that you can cancel your OnStar subscription with the help of this article.

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