How To Blur On Instagram

Instagram is a very secure social media for every user nowadays. How to blur on Instagram is refers to the security of your account. Instagram is full of rich features, and blur picture is one of them, so if you also want to use blur effect on your pictures on Instagram, then read this entire article and become able to secure your account.

How To Blur On Instagram

What Is Instagram In These Days

Instagram every day helps us to turn our publication into professional by giving us a massive list of functions and features available for use anytime. The primary purpose of social media is to make new friends and sharing the best pictures and videos. Sometimes we need our account’s security, and we don’t want to show off pictures and videos directly to our friends, then we can use the blur effect to our Instagram pictures and Instagram story. If you don’t know How to blur on Instagram, I will give you a complete method to blurry your story and picture.

On Instagram, you can lock your profile only your profiles you have the following can see your activities, and not everyone can see your video or picture, so that is the real beauty of Instagram. However, there are several filters and effects available for you on this social media application. The blur effect is also among them. Instagram is available for all platforms but not for laptops and computers.

However, Techdec helps many new users that are unaware of these effects. If you are among them, don’t worry; we will help you step by step how to apply different filters and effects on Instagram; follow the instructions to apply impressive effects.

How to blur on Instagram

Applying blur filters or effects on Instagram is not difficult, but some people don’t know how to do this. This article is specifically for them; after reading this article, they will apply blur effects on Instagram. This effect is very good has become a trendy effect for Instagram users.

What is blur

The term Bokeh refers to blur, where people can see your pictures and videos but not clearly. It helps people to focus on a particular point. For example, if you capture a pic, but the background is not excellent, you can apply blur effects to unclear the background and focus on your picture.

How to Apply blur effect on Instagram

Now You are ready to apply the blur effect on your Instagram picture, follow the steps mention below.

  • Open Your Instagram Account and if you have not an Instagram account, sign up for an account.
  • Tab on the add new post button, which looks like a “+” sign button.
  • Now select the image which you want to upload on the app, and then click on Next.
  • You can see an Edit button click on that.
  • Start scrolling to the right side and select Tilt-Shift.
  • Select a blur effect; you will find two blur options: “Linear” & “Radial” you can choose according to your desired. The linear blur effect will leave the linear area of your picture and blur everything else, while the radial blur effect will add a blurry effect on the corners of the picture and remain the center of the picture clear.
  • Then tab on the Done.
  • Your photo is ready now; you can share your picture with your friends on your Instagram feed.

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