How To Fix Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Are you a gamer and facing Discord screen share audio not working during live streaming on Discord Application? Here we are going to share ten possible solutions to fix this error. You have landed on the right page because you will get multiple solutions to fix it within minutes.

Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

There is no doubt that Discord is the most used VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application by millions of users from all over the world. Mostly the gamers are the users of this application who use this application to communicate with their fellow gamers while playing games. After gaining fame, Discord is now available for many operating systems and platforms.

Discord recently added many new features, and Screen Sharing is one of them; users can share their screens with their fellows. You can share the screen while playing games, or users can share other applications such as Google Chrome. This application is full of rich functions, but there are some errors too, and Discord screen share audio is not working is an error reported by many users. In this article, we will see all the causes of this error and fix it.

What Is The Reason For Discord Screen Share Audio Is Not Working

Through different reports and after troubleshooting, we can say several different reasons may cause this error. Every computer has different configurations, so you may have any different issue that is causing the error in your case. So, we have different possible solutions any can help you with to solve the error.

  • Audio feature in the initial stage: The Audio with Screen share mechanism is not too stable because it is in the initial phase, and it was introduced in the beta version. So many issues are still there that can be solved in the next stage.
  • Audio Drivers Are Bad: You also have to install audio drivers on your system if you want to use the Discord application, just like all the other sound applications. If the drivers are not installed properly or are corrupt, you can have a bad experience and see this error.
  • Admin Access: Discord shares your whole screen remotely to the other computer since now. It might need administrative access from your computer. When you provide admin access may solve your issue.
  • Some Other Application Issues: Some specific applications do not work properly with the Discord Application. You are in the same category; then you can’t find anything; go for an alternative method.

Note: Before starting the solutions, make sure you have the working credentials of your account to log in. You will be asked for a username and password when you reset your application. Keep in mind that administrative access is a must here. In the application window, makes sure the sound option is must be ON. Before applying any solution, try to restart your system and check if the error is still there, then you can apply solutions.

Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Error

How To Share Audio On Discord Screen Sharing

Audio On Screen Share is the new and cool feature of this application. You can share videos and can share sounds on Discord as well. With the launch of this feature, there is an increasing trend in the fame of this application.

Now we will talk about sharing audio on a screen share; it is a very simple way to enable it. You have to turn off the screen sharing, and then you have to enable sound mode ON, and click on the share now button to share the audio on Discord screen share. By using this method, you can share audio on screen share.

We have also write an article about Discord no Route Error and how to fix it, go and read it if you also facing this error.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Error

This is the latest feature of the Discord application, but it also has many bugs. You can’t use this feature properly when you see this error and your voice is not working. Don’t worry; we are up to give you the ten best solutions for Discord screen share no audio.

Solution 1: Restart Your System

This is the first and initial step to perform because when you restart your system, it will refresh all the settings to default, and there is a chance to fix your issue.

In the background, some processes are running that may be a conflict with Discord, and you can face this error. A smooth reboot can solve your issue. Restart your system and see if the error is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Provide Administrative Access

When the screen share was not introduced, Discord worked perfectly without any error. After the launch of this feature, more resources are required for your system, where privacy is also a concern. There are many cases wherein the normal mode, many application unable to work. By giving administrative access, you can fix this error.

  • Open File Explorer by pressing Windows + E. Now Find the directory in your system where Discord is installed. In every computer, the default install location is Local Disk C’s program file.
  • After finding the installation directory, right-click on the application’s executable and then select the Properties option.
  • Now select the Compatibility tab in the Properties section and see the option Run this program as an administrator. Simply check it.
  • Click on the Apply button to save all changes and exit.

Solution 3: Add Your Discord Activity

Discord is smart enough and can detect automatically which activity you are performing and functions according to it. In some cases, the Discord application gets confused about your activity, like when you are sharing a screen between games and applications. This might be a reason for this error, but don’t you worry because the developers released the best feature where you can select any specific game or application on which you have a complete focus. You have to use this feature and see if this solution will work for you.

If you are facing Discord JavaScript Error during execution go and read the fix.

  • Open the Discord application and go to its settings.
  • In the settings, click on the games, which are available at the left navigation bar.
  • Go to the Game Activity Tab and Add the activity or the application in which you are facing audio not working on screen share. When you add activity in Discord, make sure you are not running Discord as Administrator.
  • If you are still facing an error, turn on the toggle button of the Overlay feature of Discord.
Add Your Discord Activity

Solution 4: Use Push To Talk Feature

Discord application is full of features, and there is an option that automatically detects audio activities, and then it transmits audio over the internet accordingly. Although there are different types of issues with the beta feature of screen share with audio.

Push To Talk In Discord

The best solution is to switch to push to talk and stop automatic detection of audio activities. You can use this method to avoid error; in this method, you can push a specific key to capture the sound and transmit it over the network. You can use this method for a time until the Discord gets stable and there is no issue.

Solution 5: Avoid The Full Screen Of Window

When you are using Discord on the full screen, you may also come across this error. We noticed when you are using your focus application/game in the full-screen mode, the working of Discord was malfunctioning. The full-screen can conflict with Discord on permissions to the game and doesn’t allow audio to transmit properly.

If you are also using Discord on full-screen mode, you should use the focus application or game in a minimized window. Before using this solution, make sure you have restarted your system. You have to change the settings in the game for video and set it to Windowed mode, and if you are using the application, you can easily adjust the sides of the windows.

Solution 6: Check Affected Application

We have also seen many cases where the application which was getting affected was not compatible with Discord screen share with the audio or the source of many other issues and bugs. The most common example is Mozilla Firefox.

Using multiple processes is the main reason why an application like these doesn’t work effectively. The nature of the processes might be different. To sum up, running a graphical work is not the same process that creates sound. Discord extracts sound from the window, producing a graphical window, so screen share with audio doesn’t work.

In this case, there is bad news; you can’t do anything except wait until the developers came with a proper fix or provide an alternative.

Solution 7: Update Your Audio Drivers

Audio drivers are a very important component that helps to connect hardware on your system with the OS (Operating system). In different cases, audio is not transmitted properly with the screen share in the application because of the bad or outdated drivers. To solve this issue, we need to update the driver to the latest version.

  • In the Windows search bar, open the Run dialog box or Press Windows + R button.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
  • In the device manager, expand Audio Inputs and output, now right-click on the Sound and Hardware.
  • Now choose the option update driver and then restart your system. It will solve Discord screen share audio not working quickly.
  • If you are still facing an error, you can download the latest version of the drivers from your manufacturer’s official website. Simply install those drivers, and you will get the latest drivers in your system.

Solution 8: Clear Cache Data Of Discord

To save the temporary operations data and user activity, Discord use cache and roaming data. It is an important component of Discord which is used many times during a single call. Whenever a corrupt cache file or temporary file of Discord can be a reason for no audio while screen share in Discord. If you delete those corrupted cache files, you may solve this problem.

  • Open Task Manager and close all the running processes of Discord.
  • Open the Run dialog box by searching in the Windows search bar.
  • In the Run dialog box, type “%appdata%” and press enter.
run dialog box
  • You will see the roaming folder, find the Discord folder and delete it.
  • Restart your computer and see your error is resolved or not.

Solution 9: Update Your Discord Application

Reinstall or Update of Discord application may fix your issue. It is an important factor to fix no audio from discord problem. How you can update your Discord application, follow the steps.

  • Open the Run dialog box and type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter.
  • Now in the application manager, find the Discord entry. Right-click on Discord and select the Uninstall option.
  • Restart your system and then go to the Discord official website and download the latest version of the app.
  • Install the app and restart your system again to see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 10: Check Audio Settings Of Your Computer

If you fail to transmit audio on any application or game the above methods, there is a chance of a problem with your audio device. There is a chance that they are not configured properly or not select.

You have to check two things here; the first one is to see the correct recording input device is select and in Microphone settings, Discord is allowed or not. Now we will configure microphone settings first.

  • In the Windows search bar, type Microphone privacy settings and open it.
  • See Allow apps to access your microphone is turn on or turn off; if it is turned off, then turn it on. Down below, you can see a list of all applications that have access to your microphone. See, Discord’s access turned on or not. Turn it on.
Microphone privacy settings for Discord
  • After saving change, open Discord and see if the issue is resolved

To enable the correct recording device, follow the steps if you are again facing an error.

  • Right-click on the sounds icon.
  • Click in Sounds.
  • Open Reconding tab and select the correct recording device. Right-click on the correct device and choose enable and Set as the default device, in the case of the wrong one selected.
  • Click Apply button and then Ok. Restart your system and open the Discord application to see if the issue is resolved.
  • You should use a web version of Discord in Google Chrome if you are still unable to transmit sound.

Final Words

Now you can Fix Discord screen share audio not working by applying the provided ten possible solutions. You just have to follow the steps carefully, and your error will resolve.

Discord Screen share is a new feature and also full of bugs too. We are sure that some error may occur. But you can fix them all now.

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