How To Fix Discord Can’t Hear Anyone [Solved]

Are you facing Discord can’t hear anyone while using this application, don’t worry; we will share a solution for this problem. Discord is one of the best VoIP applications that allow peoples to communicate in voice and is mainly utilized by gamers and non-gamers.

Discord Can't Hear Anyone

But here is an issue with this app sometimes peoples can hear you, but you can’t hear anybody. Maybe you get quality audio on other windows operations and can see the green ring of fine audio and hear other people’s voices. They tell you that they hear you, but you can’t hear them, so you don’t need to get panic; here are multiple solutions to your problem; you may choose it accordingly; just follow the steps until your problem is solved.

Why Peoples Can’t Hear Anyone On Discord

As we told already, Discord is full of features, but there are bugs too. For example, Discord can’t hear anyone is one of them. The main reason you can’t hear anyone on Discord is the incorrect audio settings of your audio device. Due to updates and bugs of Discord, you may come across Discord audio not working.

Can’t hear anyone; the issue can be at your end if you have any mentioned above problems. But you don’t need to worry because we will give you the solution to fix this within minutes. You can follow all the methods to get rid of the Discord screen share audio errors.

How You Can Fix Discord Can’t Hear Anyone

If you can’t hear anyone on Discord, you should first check your headphone or microphone settings to get the proper output from the Discord voice chat feature.

Ensure all the jacks are properly connected with your computer’s audio input and output ports; if they are not connected properly, you can see this error where no one can hear on Discord. Using a gaming headset and can’t hear anyone on Discord, check the mute button for output and input. If it is on, then turn it off.

Facing a Discord JavaScript error, you can also fix it using our guidelines. Ensure that all the audio drivers are updated; any outdated driver can also bring a can’t hear error. By using audacity software or any online call, you can test your microphone.

Solution 1: Turn On Use Legacy Audio Subsystem

You can face this issue because your hardware might not be compatible with the latest audio subsystem of Discord. You can solve this issue by going back to the legacy audio system. So, Many Discord users have fixed their issue by turning on the use legacy audio system option. Follow the steps to turn on this option.

  • Open your Discord.
  • Navigate to the User setting ( this will be on the right side of your Avatar)
  • Click on Audio & Video.
  • In the Audio subsystem (Use legacy audio subsystem), Turn ON this
  • New dialogue box will open. Select OK to confirm.
  • By pressing the Esc button available on the top right corner, close the settings.


It is necessary to set up your audio device as a default device, but you can also set it as a default communication device. These settings are available on Windows, mostly peoples think it is from Discord, so they neglect this. Ensure that your audio device is set up to default as well as the default communication device.

Below are some steps you can follow to set your audio device as the default device and communication device.

  • Right-click on the Click on the Sound icon available at the right bottom corner of the window.
  • Select “Playback devices.”
  • In Playback” Tab, Select the desired device and click on “set as default device.”
  • The green tick beside your device shows it’s selected.
  • Click Apply button and then OK.


If you are not using proper audio settings, you can see this error. Sometimes, selecting an incorrect input or output device in Discord can cause this issue. By selecting the right device or default can solve this issue.

Follow the steps to select a suitable audio device.

  • Open “Discord.”
  • Click “User Setting.”
  • Select “Audio & Video”
  • You will see the Output and Input device.
  • Press on the drop-down menu and select the correct audio device. If you are not sure which one is the correct device, select the first one and close the settings tab by clicking the Esc button. Check if your issue is fixed or not. Try to select a different device from the drop-down and check which will work for you.

Solution 4: Use Volume Mixer to Change Discord’s Volume

Volume Mixer is the best feature of Windows 10, allowing exclusive control of all the application’s volumes individually. Using Volume Mixer, you can lower or increase the volume of any required application and control your output voice. Unfortunately, we have seen in different cases where the individual volume of Discord was so low, and that’s why there was no output voice.

  • Open windows Setting.
  • Click on “App volume & device preferences.”
  • Select “Discord” and fully up the volume of this app
  • Save & Exit


We have seen in different cases where users change their server region and fix this issue immediately. So in this certain case, we will try to change the server region to fix this issue. To do so

  • Open server Setting
  • Select “Overview.”
  • Click on “server region” and select another one like US west etc.
  • Save & Close


Sometimes maybe there is a bug in the Discord app, so the best solution is to use its web version simply by opening your browser and visit the website:


Last but not least, if no solution works for you, then refresh the Discord because it may be happening due to some bug or software update. Discord issues update time by time and may be due to any bug or problem it will not update or not update it properly. To refresh the Discord, simply press CTRL+R and reopen it.

Final Words

Let us know. Have you fixed Discord can’t hear anyone problem by using our given solutions? So, the article helped you or not?

If you still have any problems, tell us in the comment box, and we will try to resolve your problem. Also, share this article with your friends who are using the Discord application if they also face such errors.

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